[Mageia-artwork] alpha/beta background image needs

Romain d'Alverny rdalverny at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 17:29:32 CET 2010

Hi there,

for all Mageia releases, we will need _very obvious_ ways to state that :
 - alpha & beta releases are _not_ for general, day-to-day use or
public evaluation; but for testing:
 - RC releases are "last call" for improvements.

For the coming alpha release, we would need then several strategies,
as quick/easy to implement as possible. So it's open for ideas, but
let's start with the background.

What is needed basically is a plain colour (no photo, no detail)
background with the following text info, very legible:
 - Mageia alpha release (release-id)
 - this software is NOT READY and NOT AVAILABLE FOR general use
 - DO NOT install it on a production system
 - DO NOT review it for it still can drastically change before final release
 - visit http://mageia.org/report for any bug/issue report

Likely to be improved later, but that's a start. Actually, I don't
know if this could be automatically applied by the system to the
background, or as a banner. Suggestions?


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