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Donald Stewart watersnowrock at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 13:10:08 CEST 2011

Hey everyone, I thought I would give an update on some of the things
that I have been doing.

Kspalsh; is done and sorted
Gsplash; appears to not exist and upstream have deleted it. So a
decision on that is still needed.

KDM; requires a fix on the default backgrounds
GDM; not sure about it, check later

Backgrounds; there are a number of wrongs symlinks and a few other
parts could be cleaned out. Also an update on backgrounds-extra? A
decision for final on whither or not we go with static or dynamic
backgrounds should be made. As the current dynamic setup adds load on
the system for nothing as all the images are the same with no

Sadly I cant attend the next meeting, so it would be great if you
could discuss the static/dynamic issue, if we choose dynamic I have
the new images ready to upload.

I feel that we should choose dynamic as it is a feature that not many
other desktops have, and provides a nice feel to the system.

Donald "Schultz" Stewart

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