[Mageia-artwork] beta2 incoming

Thorsten van Lil tvl83 at gmx.de
Thu Apr 21 11:33:56 CEST 2011

Am 21.04.2011 10:23, schrieb Romain d'Alverny:
> sorry not to have sent a sign sooner - so there was no meeting this
> week and here is a quick review mail:

Well, there was a very short meeting yesterday:

We were only 3 members (me, alexn and tumbeliina).
But without much output. As written in the last summary I created a list 
of mcc icons and have to put some love into ;)
Alexn83 will do replacements for them (he did already a lot) but for the 
rest of the icons he need more time. He will try to finish all icons 
until the final release of Mageia 1.

The last week, we get the request of creating a poster for exhibitions 
and events (with no reaction of us :-/). Alexn did already one for the 
"Chemnitzer Linux Tage" in Germany:
Also tumbeliina has worked on some proposals and will them show to us in 
the next days.
I think a layout which fits the current website layout would be great.

To the open bugs:
Bug 472 has a confusing title, because it initially aimed to the old 
grey background, which has been replaced. The problem for now is, that 
the font for the username and password writing is black with a dark 
background. So, only the font colour has to be adapt.

The user bug (270) will be solved with the replacement of the mcc icons. 
I will use the day tomorow to get an overview about the existing icons 
alexn83 did and seek adequate replacements for them, but I can't promise 
anything for now.

An other point is: Artwork team is still very small.
I thought on Nino Pinhiero as a gain for the team, if he is willing to. 
At the beginning of Mageia he did some proposals, so maybe he will. I 
will try to contact him during the next days.

So far so good


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