[Mageia-artwork] review for graphics: boot sequence, installer, backgrounds, etc.

Romain d'Alverny rdalverny at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 15:50:08 CET 2011

Hi there,

(follows up another discussion, but significantly different enough for
a new thread)

While integrated Alex's screens, I found that there will be other
backgrounds/decorations missing yet. I'm still checking what it not
used anymore and wondering how to make these more "palpable" and acted
on directly. Probably some sort of simulator app to help inject and
test designs (if someone has an idea, concept, whatever about this,
please raise your hand).

Anyway, here is a summary of all this (and why I started a new thread):

# About the boot/hibernate sequences

First, just to make sure everyone gets what the names mean: when you
boot the system:
 - first, gfxboot is used to display the graphical grub
 - then plymouth takes the lead (maybe with a few bits of bootsplash
yet but it's likely it's not used anymore - still has to be checked,
post alpha 1 release)

Boot screen:
 * http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/theme/mageia-gfxboot-theme/trunk/data-install/

Still to make sure but it is probable that these are not used anymore:
 * http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/theme/mageia-theme/trunk/Mageia-Default/bootsplash/data/

Note sur this is still used either:
 * http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/theme/mageia-theme/trunk/common/bootsplash/data/

Here, the motif.png is a graphic (empty for now) over an alpha layer
that can be used to animate the boot sequence:
 * http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/theme/mageia-theme/trunk/Mageia-Default/plymouth/
 * http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/theme/mageia-theme/trunk/common/plymouth/

(there are actually fun stuff to do with Plymouth it seems but that is
left to creativity :-) ).

# About the installer

You can see here some graphics that were roughly remade to remove
unlicensed ones, but that will be used for the installer (what you
proposed as http://www.flickr.com/photos/54316230@N06/5424891049/ ):


I am not sure it helps a lot in this form, but if it does...

There would be room for a single "ad", here is what is used for now:

I too have to find how to properly describe the license and author of
these graphics within the module. I guess a file will make it (along
with the procedure to check/modify/update all these), but should it be
a Authors one? in the ReadMe? else?

# About backgrounds & screensavers

Some are here:
 * http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/theme/mageia-theme/trunk/Mageia-Default/background/
 * http://svnweb.mageia.org/soft/theme/mageia-theme/trunk/common/screensaver/

So, that makes for a lot of things to do. In terms of focus/priority:
 - clean boot sequence first (plymouth parts only, I'll keep you
updated about the bootsplash thing if needed - and we will see later
about animating this further)
 - installer
 - hibernate
 - backgrounds



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