[Mageia-artwork] 2011/week 8 review

Romain d'Alverny rdalverny at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 13:05:24 CET 2011

Hi there,

to prepare this evening meeting (18:00 UTC), here's a list:

1. Logo
 - Alexander, could you make a summary of the progress about the logo?
we had a list of small experiment/changes to do at the last meeting
IIRC (http://meetbot.mageia.org/mageia-artwork/2011/mageia-artwork.2011-02-02-18.06.html
 - we need to sort out a list of predefined formats of it (jpg, png,
vectorial; sizes) for: websites, print, banners, buttons; cauldron
alone or not;
 - I need to sort out the rights exclusive delegation to mageia.org
for the association; Olivier, I did not forget you, I just have to
sort out the draft document :-)
 - we still have the community/derivate logo question pending, but
let's focus on the official stuff first maybe.

2. Colour scheme
 - the discussion stalled about it; what do we do?

3. Favicon
 - we need favicon(s) for Mageia.org websites;
 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Favicon
 - 16x16 or 32x32, 32bits resolution possible, .ico and .png
 - not sure about other touch devices, but iP* stuff use 57x and 129x
sizes for icons; it could be nice to have too, although it would make
sense to have more refined/custom icons per website/app then (forum,
bugzilla, blog, www, etc.); so let's just keep this in mind for now;

4. Guidelines
 - for the logo, derivative logo, for the colour scheme, we'll need a
set of strict guidelines (for ourselves first, and for
community/communication/etc. uses as well).
 - I'll post wiki pages to store these drafts, with structure, before
the meeting

5. Alpha review, target of March 15th
 - so we've got some feedback about alpha1 already and there's some
work left! :-)
 - did anyone keep a list of notes about the alpha1? if so, we could
post this to http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=artwork:mageia_1_alpha_1_review
(not created page yet)
 - alpha2 is expected on March 15th, and packages for that should be
ready for March 12th then; that leaves 16 days
 - areas to particularly work on (and possibly have squared) are:
   - boot sequence (most feedback up to now is more about readability
and consistence in the screens)
   - installer (some files to fix, colour scheme as well)
   - backgrounds
   - screensavers (seem ok)
   - splash screens
   - others?
 - Alexander, will you have some time in the coming days for the
boot/install sequence? (we'll need to sort out exactly the changes to
be done, I hope we can do this by this week end)
 - who wants to check the installer screens? (capture all, highlight
what should be fixed)
 - who wants to check alpha1 about splash screens, buttons, icons,
whatever that would still have MDV pattern on it?

6. Team org
 - we need to grow the team a bit
 - I suggest we set up more formally the team, up to the final release
of June (and change things in the meantime if it makes sense)
 - what do you think about setting up the team peers this evening (and
trying after alpha2 to define a light mentoring path for newcomers +
contributing guide?)
 - I candidate to take the intermediate lead of the team but I need a
deputy leader (that is, someone to second, and to be available on
Mondays evening for the Council meeting and regularly online as well)
- as said above, this would lead to team elections in June (and I
expect not to be candidate then)
 - who wants to candidate?
 - what do you think?



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