[Mageia-artwork] Task: icons/artwork replacement, process

Romain d'Alverny rdalverny at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 21:38:29 CET 2011

Hi there,

so, a reminder: for Mageia alpha 1 to be released, it should be clean
of MDV legacy stuff, regarding icons and artwork.

So we need to:
 1. remove what is obsolete;
 2. replace what is not.

Here's a quick guideline to help you share and start the work.

A piece of artwork/media is obsolete when it's not used by the package
anymore (or by another depending package); so that's a bit hard to
know, packager help is welcome about that; nonetheless, it's largely
acceptable to break the UI because of this at this alpha stage.

If it's not obviously obsolete, it should be replaced.

Ah yes, obviously, all media files that are in the todo-cleaning
sub-repo are expected to be removed or replaced. We just don't know
what their license is; unless we find it suddenly.

 * if it's a sound, trash it; we'll see later;
 * if a photograph, trash it;
 * if a background, replace it with a background of similar resolution
(TODO, list all needed backgrounds so we build them from a generic
 * if an icon, replace it (see below);
 * if a theme decorative thing, notify here and packager and we see
what can be done (thinking about firsttime for instance, there may be

Whatever you do, document it, using the CLEANUP_PROGRESS.txt file that
should be in each module (if it's not there, create it). There, please
note what:
 - you removed;
 - you replaced, and by what (especially if you take an Oxygen icon
and rename it).

About the icons, use Oxygen icon set:
 * you can find/download it from
 * it's under CC By SA 3.0 or GNU LGPL (http://www.oxygen-icons.org/?page_id=4 )

To replace an icon:
 * pick the icon to replace;
 * find a matching/relevant one from Oxygen icon set, and rename it to
put it in place of the icon to be replaced;
 * yes, that means duplication of files, but for the time being, we
can't afford updating all icons path in packages source code. Making
this square later, using a theme, will be done at a later time.

Finally, to track progress, you may use this script
https://github.com/rdalverny/scripts (updated so it fetches only from
Mageia svn and downloads only modules that are to be cleaned up
currently). It uses an anonymous read-only access to the svn. If you
have a commit access to this repository, you may alter the svn URI
first. If you don't, you may still work on it and push your changes
(diff + files) to the packager in charge.

And, really finally now, if you want to help, say here what module you
take, so we know who does what, and please try to get in touch with
the packager in charge (look in the svn log to see who is).

Most critical modules to clean are the huge ones:
 * drakx (Olivier, still ok?)
 * desktop-common-data

Others are smaller, but important nonetheless.

Thank you for your revision of these guidelines, for pointing out
something missing and for your help. We've got a few days to do that.



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