[Mageia-artwork] Window decoration

Thorsten van Lil tvl83 at gmx.de
Sun Jul 3 16:12:48 CEST 2011


the discussion also take place last week in the mailing list, but I'd like to 
do that in an extra thread.

To summarize the current situation:
The current window decoration (Ia Ora), looks old fashioned and is hard to 
maintain. It would also require a lot effort to port IaOra to gtk3 (needed for 
Gnome3). Therefore we need a new window decorations and there are the 
following solutions:
1.) use the default decoration of each desktop environment:
* Very easy, no extra work needed
* all work is done upstream
* no unique look for mageia
* different look in kde and gnome

2.) create a new decoration for mageia
* Unique look for mageia
* uniform look in all environments
* heavy heavy load for the devs (kde, qt4, gtk2, gtk3)

3.) Use other existing window decorations
* easy, just a few work needed
* the are decorations that exists for all common environments -> uniform look
* relative unique look for mageia
* hard to say, what happens if the upstream developer drop the decoration 

From the dev-side of view, solution 1 is the best. But form the artwork-side, 
I'm not very happy with it. Our KDE would look like Kubuntu, but with a 
different startmenu button. Although a lot of people change the decoration 
either, it's making a special first impression if it looks different (and good, 
hopefully). Thus, I would like, if we can go with solution 3. But for that, we 
need more information.

I need one of you, who will search the web for decorations that exist in kde, 
gnome (and qt). And list them somewhere in the wiki. After that, we can take a 
closer look, if this a practicable way, or if we better go with an other 

One extra note: It already has been mentioned, that the oxygen window 
decoration (which is the default for KDE) exist also for GNOME2/3 and Qt.


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