[Mageia-artwork] Meeting tomorow (June, 8th)

Thorsten van Lil tvl83 at gmx.de
Tue Jun 7 13:43:19 CEST 2011

Hey to all,

Release is out for almost a week now and I'd like to to hold a meeting 
tomorrow as usually at 17 o'clock UTC (19:00 Paris/Berlin time).

As you probably have noticed out team lacks of organisation. We haven't 
yet a team representative, our wiki page misses a lot of infos and isn't 
organised well, ...

For that reason I would like to focus the meeting on our organisation 

Here are the topics:
1. Notes/Experience of the release
	This is the place for your remarks/reviews of the release

2. Review of the last months
	Please make yourself some thought about our work and what have to be 

3. General introduction of the a roadmap to an release.
	Most of us (including me) have never really worked on an release before 
and therefore don't know how this is structured (including the view on 
other teams).

4. Rework of our wiki page.
	We faced a lot of problems in the past months (where to find, what? 
What to keep in mind for gfxboot? What have to be done? ...), therewith 
this isn't happen again, all this information have to be in the wiki.

5. Attract designers to join the team.
	Our team is very small and our skills are limited. We really need some 
new and talented faces, as our work is very visible. Please make 
yourself some thoughts, how we can attracted new designers or if you may 
know designer, which like to join us.

6. Team representative
	Yes, we really need one, although it "works" without in the last 
months. We need one as a contact person for other teams and one who 
contacts other teams with our concerns. And of course we need one who 
represents us in the council meetings. I offer myself for this position. 
But I would embrace if someone else is doing so too, so we have a real 
election. The election will not take place in the mailing-list and not 
at the meeting, as there are probably not enough members present. But I 
will start the poll after the meeting (and hopefully an other candidate).


So, this should be enough topics for one meeting. Please attend to this 
meeting if you can.


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