[Mageia-artwork] Summary of yesterdays meeting

Thorsten van Lil tvl83 at gmx.de
Thu Jun 9 11:29:33 CEST 2011


as promised here is the summary of our last meeting.

1. Release comments:
The overall impression of the artwork is quite good. I've read some 
reviews which likes to artwork.
However, the following issues has been reported:
* Gnome panel may be to bright for the dark background
* In the wallpaper the bubbles of the logo seems to be scaled.
* Maybe the contrast in ksplash between logo and background has to be 
* The progress-bar in plymouth will not scaled, if an other ratio is 
used (not 800x600 as default)

2. Review of our organisation in the last months:
The work was sometimes a bit chaotic and many things has been done in 
the last minutes. This must be improved for the next release. We may 
should use a timeline, to ensure everything is ready on time.
Furthermore, we have to think about scripts to ease repeating jobs (push 
the wallpaper in all needed locations, for example). Where can such 
scripts be useful?

3. Wiki
This should be one of our main gaols for next future. We have to 
completely rework our wiki pages.
We need:
* a main page, to introduce the artwork team, list contacts and our needs...
* a reference page, which lists all artwork with the current locations 
on svn. This will help us like a todo-list. We can easily compare what 
we have done and what still needs to be done. This should also be the 
place to list special requirements (ratio, compression, other 
preferences). I will take care of the wiki and modify the wiki to match 
these conception. After that, we can discuss further steps etc.

4. Attract designers
As you probably all know, we are under-staffed. We need some real 
designers to disburden Alex a bit. So, if you know some designers or 
talented persons. Please ask them, if he/she likes to join the team or 
at least helps with a few works.
A distribution is a great place to promote themselves. You can design 
everything with his/her ideas and probably all distro reviews will pay 
attention to it. If you apply to a job, you can point to the distribution.
However, we will also try to allocate normal users to learn about 
graphics and design and let them make proposals. For that reason, I will 
make a call in the forums to join the artwork team.

5. Team representative
As said via mail. I offer myself as a candidate. Noone else did. The 
election will take place in this mailinglist. But I will address this, 
with an extra mail (for better overview).

That's it. I want to thank all member that attend to the meeting and 
spends more than 2 hours of their spare time.


P.S.: As a reminder. Today the marcomm-Team holds it's meeting on IRC. 
Feel free to join them.

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