[Mageia-artwork] Meeting Summary, 15th of June

Thorsten van Lil tvl83 at gmx.de
Fri Jun 17 10:24:48 CEST 2011

Am 17.06.2011 10:17, schrieb Max Quarterpleen:
>      > 4. general artwork licence
>      > --------------------------
>      > Our artwork needs to be licensed. Therefore we decided to have a
>     general
>      > licence, which is valid for all work, that is not licensed
>     especially. We
>      > decided to use the Creative Commons 3.0 with attribution,
>     non-commercial and
>      > share-alike. If there are any concerns over this license, please
>     let us
>      > know.
>     Using Creative Commons licenses is an excellent option. But the
>     NC/Non-Commercial clause is a no-go. It makes the thing licensed
>     totally incompatible (in spirit and in detail) with FSF/OSI definition
>     of free software/open source - thus makes redistribution/derivatives
>     of the Mageia platform (and that's not what we want for the
>     distribution).
>     CC-By-SA is perfectly acceptable on the other hand (that's what would
>     be the most like sort of a GPL translated for non-software works - and
>     we use it for the wiki).
> I dunno, something about doing lots of hard work for a good cause
> because we want to, and then somebody else packaging it for profit? That
> rankles.
> I realize that CC-By-SA is  more to the spirit of GPL, but it still rankles.
> Also, isn't Mageia a not-for-profit foundation? Who would redistribute
> the artwork for profit? Other devels/artists? That's even worse!
> The point of allowing commercial software to be GPL'd (as I understand
> it) is to allow devels to profit from their hard work. But if we "work
> for" a not-for-profit organization, and we don't want any profit from
> the work anyway, then there's no point in allowing commercial
> redistribution!

Hmm. What about a small company overs Mageia in a box and uses the money 
to pay developers who are working on mageia? The NC would hinder that?

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