[Mageia-artwork] Meeting Summary, 15th of June

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 17 10:26:17 CEST 2011

2011/6/17 Max Quarterpleen <bogusman222 at gmail.com>:
>> > 4. general artwork licence
>> > --------------------------
>> > Our artwork needs to be licensed. Therefore we decided to have a general
>> > licence, which is valid for all work, that is not licensed especially.
>> > We
>> > decided to use the Creative Commons 3.0 with attribution, non-commercial
>> > and
>> > share-alike. If there are any concerns over this license, please let us
>> > know.
>> Using Creative Commons licenses is an excellent option. But the
>> NC/Non-Commercial clause is a no-go. It makes the thing licensed
>> totally incompatible (in spirit and in detail) with FSF/OSI definition
>> of free software/open source - thus makes redistribution/derivatives
>> of the Mageia platform (and that's not what we want for the
>> distribution).
>> CC-By-SA is perfectly acceptable on the other hand (that's what would
>> be the most like sort of a GPL translated for non-software works - and
>> we use it for the wiki).
> I dunno, something about doing lots of hard work for a good cause because we
> want to, and then somebody else packaging it for profit? That rankles.
> I realize that CC-By-SA is  more to the spirit of GPL, but it still rankles.
> Also, isn't Mageia a not-for-profit foundation? Who would redistribute the
> artwork for profit? Other devels/artists? That's even worse!
> The point of allowing commercial software to be GPL'd (as I understand it)
> is to allow devels to profit from their hard work. But if we "work for" a
> not-for-profit organization, and we don't want any profit from the work
> anyway, then there's no point in allowing commercial redistribution!

Yes, our organisation (it's not a foundation) does not do commercial
things and is a not-for-profit organisation.
But we ought to have a economic perspective besides donations from
users. This in mind and besides the wish to spread Mageia all over the
planet we hope to see people building small/large businesses
(consulting, developping commercial apps, services, etc.) based on
Mageia and then along with their success "pay back" by sponsoring,
donating, whatever. That's why we can not close the door to any
commercial use.


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