[Mageia-artwork] 2011/week 8 review

Romain d'Alverny rdalverny at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 10:31:05 CET 2011

Hi there,

to prepare Wednesday review (18:00 UTC on #mageia-artwork)... well,
the same topics stand: :-)

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 13:05, Romain d'Alverny <rdalverny at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1. Logo
>  - Alexander, could you make a summary of the progress about the logo?
> we had a list of small experiment/changes to do at the last meeting
> IIRC (http://meetbot.mageia.org/mageia-artwork/2011/mageia-artwork.2011-02-02-18.06.html
> )
>  - we need to sort out a list of predefined formats of it (jpg, png,
> vectorial; sizes) for: websites, print, banners, buttons; cauldron
> alone or not;
>  - I need to sort out the rights exclusive delegation to mageia.org
> for the association
> [...]
> 2. Colour scheme
> [...]
> 3. Favicon

> 4. Guidelines
>  - for the logo, derivative logo, for the colour scheme, we'll need a
> set of strict guidelines (for ourselves first, and for
> community/communication/etc. uses as well).
>  - I'll post wiki pages to store these drafts, with structure, before
> the meeting

Will be here: http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=mageia_visual_identity_guidelines
- I'll update it today, from the various some of us already posted on
the list or other pages.

> 5. Alpha review, target of March 15th
> [...]
>  - alpha2 is expected on March 15th, and packages for that should be
> ready for March 12th then; that leaves 16 days
>  - areas to particularly work on (and possibly have squared) are:
>   - boot sequence (most feedback up to now is more about readability
> and consistence in the screens)
>   - installer (some files to fix, colour scheme as well)

Those are the two most important pieces for alpha2. And we really need
persons to help in these two reviews:

>  - who wants to check the installer screens? (capture all, highlight
> what should be fixed)
>  - who wants to check alpha1 about splash screens, buttons, icons,
> whatever that would still have MDV pattern on it?

so that we have a big picture and we can update and fix these for
alpha2. Any volunteer?

> 6. Team org
>  - we need to grow the team

This is the first action item that's needed. Or we should organize the
team differently. Advice welcome. As I wrote past week, I'm ok to take
the lead/representative side but that still needs a co-leader or
co-representative who can help animate the team and attend weekly
Council meetings.



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