[Mageia-artwork] Summary last meeting

Thorsten van Lil tvl83 at gmx.de
Thu May 19 10:35:43 CEST 2011


As advertised, yesterday has been a meeting, which I'd like to summarize.

Following topics has been discussed:
1. RC has been released
RC has been released and from the artwork point of view, this has been a 
good release on the whole. There are just two glitches.
* ISOLINUX still has the old background image with "Only for testing" on 
it. Does somebody know, where to fine the image on SVN?
* ksplash has a bad contrast of the logo and the background (but later 
more on this topic).

2. Things to be done for release
Most of our goals for release has been already reached (thank you for 
all your work). But there are still some smaller tasks to do:
* As already said, ISOLINUX need the reworked background (very important!!)
* in ksplash the logo has to be slightly modified to match the 
background. A friend of dtsiamasiotis already did this yesterday but it 
still needs to be pushed.
* In the installer, we need nice icons for kde/gnome/custom install 
(package selection overview). (would be nice but has a lower priority)
* Menu icon (for gnome/kde/... menu) is still needed. As it is a really 
prominent place, this have to be done.
* advertising screens for the installer have also to be redone. The 
current screens are concentrating on testers ("Thank you for testing", 
...) which doesn't fit for a stable release. trishf42 from the marcom 
team already agreed to address herself to this (thanks for that).
* New network status icons for the task bar, as the current ones aren't 
well readable. Ennael is already working on that. Stay tuned.

3. Other
As already mentioned, trishf42 from the marcom team has attended as a 
special guest. Her main goal is to create an overall consistent look of 
the distribution, the website and other stuff (like poster). For that 
task, it is essential, that both teams are working closer together for 
the next release.
Trish asked us for the following things:
* a poster layout (the one from alex is quite good) @Alex: can you may 
send me the source-file of your poster proposal, so we can modify it 
without extra work for you?
* Screenshots of installer, boot screen, desktop, ... (I will do this today)
* We need some ideas, how we may can bring website and distribution 
themes a bit together, without big changes. Proposals?

Ok, that's it. I think it was a nice and productive meeting yesterday. 
The full logs can be found here:


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