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Max Quarterpleen bogusman222 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 11:49:47 CET 2011

Hello all
In case you haven't been following, lately there's been a strong push to
finish the migration to the new wiki.
As far as the artwork team is concerned, we're finished, except for one
very small, niggling little detail.
The artwork guidelines.
Right now the page on the new wiki reads, and I quote:
"This page will someday soon hold the Mageia artwork guidelines. Just as
soon as we can decide what they are."
The guidelines that we have in the temporary wiki are almost entirely for
the logo competition, and as such have little, if any, relevance.
Now, I'm pretty new at this, so I asked Trish over in Marcom to provide us
with a list and some examples of just what an artwork guideline looks like.
She was kind enough to link to
which is a rather extensive guideline for the logo of a company. We
don't need to go that far, but it gives some good ideas of what we need to
Furthermore, the Marcom team created a little guideline for us to create
the artwork guideline. It can be found in the new wiki here:
So, I would like for everybody to start thinking about this, and maybe come
up with some ideas, so we can nail this in this week's meeting.
OK? Thanks.
Have a good day!
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