[Mageia-artwork] Mageia 2 artwork

Anne Nicolas ennael at mageia.org
Wed Apr 11 13:34:59 CEST 2012

Hi there

So here the final piece we have now in distro:

- official background
- left background for installer
- ksplash

In progress:

- left background for mcc: that one is broken. It seems it was not done
properly. Please have a look
- mcc splash - I must say I'm not really convinced with the new icon.
Small resolutions are just hardly readable
- gfxboot: a big work on it as gfxboot binaries were updated and old
theme cannot work at the moment (I'm on it)
- plymouth: schultz is trying to finalize it for beta 3

We will not add any changes on all this as we are already very late and
remaining time is too short.



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