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>Hi folks
>Due to poor visibility we can't use the icon we had decided on.
>So, I sat with Anne last week and we sort of worked out a new icon design.
>It will be similar to the favicon for the website, meaning that it will have the top of the cauldron and the bubbles with a gear.
>The problem here is that the gray gear is more or less invisible on the default gray background of the KDE bar.
>Anne is reluctant to change the default KDE color (I can't imagine why), so we need to come up with a creative solution, and we need to come up with it NOW.
>Attached is the svg for the icon we worked out. (Hidden in another layer there is a square background which we toyed with and then discarded, if you want to make it visible open the xml viewer and drag it to a different position in the tree.)
>Remember, only the square of the page will be visible in the end, and we need 48x48, 32x32 and 20x20 icons and they all need to be visible.
>So people, have at it! Brainstorm! Do creative things! Try and stay within the confines of the color palette and rationality!
>And have fun!
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My brainstrom crate something like this.

It is .svg file, tell me if you like different colour

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