[Mageia-artwork] the ugly oxygen color scheme

المسالم المسالمة almusalimalmusalimah at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 11:54:32 CET 2012

as we know .... our distro developers decided to choose oxygen instead of

theme .... and this is greet .... but when they throw ia-ora they throw it

all of its stuff ... and this is a big misstake because all ia-ora arn't

bad ... just like its sound theme ... and the important thing in here is

ia-ora color scheme which is the most important thing that make

mandriva and mageia have a unique look......


so ... i want to ask a favor from our distro artwork-team

can we use ia-ora-steel & ia-ora-night instead the ugly oxygen color scheme

because in this way ...... there is two advantage of this solution

1st / oxygen is much better look with it

2nd / mageia will have a unique look between all distros which using oxygen
as a default theme


and now after three releases we still have that ugly color scheme

aren't we going get rid from the ugly oxygen color scheme
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