[Mageia-artwork] I Suggest a theme?

Lucas Borges .. lucaspatis at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 15 00:40:07 CET 2012

Good News
Thanks to everyone for their opinions on the subject. At the moment I want to give a break in the development of Aquary theme. I had a new idea that can solve the questions. Yes, it's another very interesting topic. It runs at GTK2, GTK3, QT3 and  QT4. Wait ... I'm excited to show you ...
ps: I do not know  to write well in English. I hope you are understanding me.

Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 20:33:06 +0300
From: almusalimalmusalimah at gmail.com
To: mageia-artwork at mageia.org
Subject: Re: [Mageia-artwork] I Suggest a theme?

here are some bugs in it


as you can see

rpmdrake cant use qtcurve very well

and there are some bugs in firefox too

but if i use oxygen it will work very will


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