[Mageia-artwork] the main panel items

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Thu Jan 26 10:21:27 CET 2012

The idea of having the file manager launcher I like, but not the reversed<<
order or the trash can, gives negative impression and not used that much.<<
Similar for the konsole icon, people who use the konsole know how to add
themselves. I would be more for having the audio player there and other<<
applications that you open to use them, not ones that get prompted to open<<
upon an event, like k3b with a cd being inserted<<


when i talking about the items from RTL

is justto explain to you what are those items

not to use this order as a default order in mageia


using the system tools in the panel is more useful for everyone who is
using mageia

while using a media player and other thing which using it is more rarely
than one time in a week is not a good idea

well i made my point here and i suggest we need to ask mageia users about
this idea
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