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Misunderstood, I thought we were creating a whole new team in addition to
the other teams, not merging.  I'm sorry.

I still think my meme was pretty funny....

On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 5:32 PM, steve mitchell <iamoverrated at gmail.com>wrote:

> http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h286/unit_like_stereo/MGA-ALIENS-GUY.png
> Sorry I couldn't resist.... and god do I hope you understand the meme.  :D
> I think you're speaking more of BRANDING.  Creating uniformity with our
> brand image.  Which the artwork team could handle... if more people would
> join OR if we had more direction and co-operation with other teams.  I
> don't think we need to create a new team when the problem could easily be
> solved by TALKING to each other. Just my 2 cents.
> Thanks,
> Steve
> ...and it was totally aliens.
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>> Subject: [Mageia-artwork] marcom + artwork + web => atelier ?
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>> Hi everyone, (xposted on -marketing, -artwork and -webteam; if
>> possible, please follow-up in -marketing)
>> So here's the plan (actually, that's a suggestion of a plan):
>>  - we make a new team; which role is to think, design, produce and
>> maintain the identity of the project and its declinations in messages,
>> graphics, Web and print [1];
>>  - this team is named "atelier";
>>  - a new mailing-list is open for that;
>>  - it practically merges responsibilities from artwork, web and marcom
>> teams;
>>  - it integrates roles as diverse as: design, marketing, graphic
>> research and production, copy writing, web design, integration and
>> development, curation, etc.
>>  - existing web, marcom and artwork lists are kept for archive, but
>> locked down and all subscribers are unsubscribed;
>>  - will have a say in whatever happens in this team, only those making
>> and contributing things (so here, actionable designs, working code,
>> graphics or copy, etc.); opinions and feedback from others still
>> welcome, but not enough to move forward;
>>  - external contributions are a true option; that is, one team peer
>> getting in touch/inviting a professional person to propose and work on
>> a specific, focused topic, from overall project identity design, down
>> to a specific production. It only needs to be stated within the team
>> first so that everyone is in sync;
>>  - formatting our resources so that one-shot contributions from
>> external people are made easier is a true option too (that means
>> things easier to grasp, understand and update);
>>  - no more meeting, we plan and do things, and update everyone through
>> the mailing-list (or other, but asynchronous); so being on IRC is not
>> a must, just good to have;
>>  - no more than 10 hours a week on Mageia.
>> Questions:
>>  - who's going to lead this?
>>  - what's the plan up to Mageia 3? several things at least in several
>> regards (identity, print, web, distribution), but that will highly
>> depend on who lead(s) the team.
>> [1] ideally, everything that's the public face of Mageia.Org, the
>> Mageia distribution and the Mageia project should go through this
>> team; that does not mean that things will not be flexible, but if
>> there's one place to discuss, document and synchronize all this work,
>> it's here. That, in turn, requires some responsiveness and initiative
>> from the team members.
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