[Mageia-artwork] New set of splash screens (gray edition)

Rémi Verschelde remi at verschelde.fr
Sun Mar 11 19:19:08 CET 2012

2012/3/10 Guala <gualadrake at gmail.com>:
> All nice, but I see a problem with the theme of the texts, as these do not
> change automatically depending on the user's native language, I think it
> would be better than imaging stand out more  is that the text.
> at #mageia-artwork commented that there is a way to create multilanguage SVG
> images can auto-detect the language used by the client, showing the text in
> the correct language.

Well, this has to be discussed with the devs and i18n. Can
drakx-installer display SVG files and read its metadata which would
then be displayed in a translation that has not been written yet?
For Mageia 1, the pictures were in PNG format.

So, we should know:
   - Can the installer display SVG files or do we need to export each
file in PNG?
   - If we have to use PNG files, how can it be achieved on the devs
side that the file are chosen with regards to the installation
language? If we can use SVG files, will it really be able to read the
language and display the text accordingly, in an aesthetic and
meaningful manner?
   - Either way, will the i18n teams have enough time to translate
everything in time so that the new drakx-installer-advertising is
included in Mageia 2? What is the deadline for this artwork and the
potential translations?

Rémi / Akien

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