[Mageia-artwork] My reply to Esteban, Max, and Bradley.

Sebastian sebsebseb sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Mon Mar 12 19:23:33 CET 2012

Esteban I liked your artwork :), if your getting this email great, it 
means your on one or both of the mailing lists still :).  Work with the 
artwork team and marketing team and your designs can probably be used no 
problem for Mageia 3 :).

Tumberlina, Gaula, and myself had a IRC chat about a cross design idea, 
and I thought it would have been a great idea, since that way could have 
used artwork from both yourself and Gaula as the slide show images :) 
for Mageia 2. However this idea was also discussed the day before when 
the artwork freeze was meant to be, and so there wouldn't really have 
been that much time to put the idea into action I guess.

Max don't worry about it to much, things happen, people aren't perfect.

I understand that you didn't really want to end up becoming the artwork 
team leader, because of being a student. I also understand that with the 
time you had to give to the artwork team, that you have been trying to 
do your best as leader/deputy leader :).

Other teams  have been voting on who to have as a team leader and deputy 
leader. I understand that you basically became the artwork team leader 
for now instead of TeaAge for some reason. I think there should be some 
sort of policy or something for Mageia. if someone is to long away from 
their position, someone else should be able to replace them. As a result 
maybe it's time to have a artwork team election as well, who to have as 
the leader, deputy leader, and possibly also a 3rd position that is 
someone else a council representative.

Bradley the way you replied to Max was not that nice/professional.

 From Sebastian sebsebseb

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