[Mageia-artwork] Final installer discussion

Max Quarterpleen bogusman222 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 00:04:37 CET 2012

OK, we have our 8 images:
1. http://imgh.us/01_IM_mageia.png
2. http://imgh.us/02_IM_mageia.png
3. http://imgh.us/03_IM_mageia.png
4. http://imgh.us/04_IM_mageia.png
5. http://imgh.us/05_IM_mageia.png
6. http://imgh.us/06_IM_mageia.png
7. http://imgh.us/07_IM_mageia.png
8. http://imgh.us/08_IM_mageia.png

We have our 5 texts:
1. Mageia isn't just a Linux distribution: we're a community of
  users, developers and advocates from around the world.

2. Free software means choice: KDE,  GNOME, LXDE or other desktops;
  Firefox, Chromium and other browsers;  Thunderbird, KMail, Evolution
  for mail...

3. Mageia covers your graphics, your video creation and editing needs
  with tools like GIMP, Inkscape,  Blender...

4. Mageia's Control Center gives you easy-access tools to set up
  your hardware, software and more, all in one place.

5. For your everyday and office needs, LibreOffice, GnuCash,
  KMyMoney and others cover word processing, spreadsheets,
  presentations and finance.

Now we just need to pick 5 images and put the text in them. Let's keep in
mind that the order of the images should be the order of the texts.
I'm thinking:
Image 3 for text 1.
Image 7 for text 2
Image 4 for text 3
Image 2 for text 4
Image 1 for text 5.
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