[Mageia-artwork] Mageia 2 installer slide show images

Sebastian sebsebseb sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Thu Mar 15 10:02:07 CET 2012


In the early hours of this morning, I (Sebastian sebsebseb) helped Guala 
make graphics for the Mageia 2 installer slide show :).

Now we need to be quick, on deciding which artwork to use or some of us 
any way, so that it can be packaged for today's Mageia 2 Beta 2 release. 
I think this one is good to use http://imgh.us/01.1_IM_mageia.png and 
any of the others with my suggested icon changes :).

Some of them are very much so like the originals without the later 
agreed upon marketing team text, and others have much bigger changes, 
and they all have the text:

1. http://imgh.us/01.1_IM_mageia.png
2. http://imgh.us/9_01_IM_mageia.png
3. http://imgh.us/59_02_IM_mageia.png
4. http://imgh.us/9_03_IM_mageia.png
5. http://imgh.us/349_04_IM_mageia.png
6. http://imgh.us/04.1_IM_mageia.png
7. http://imgh.us/13_07_IM_mageia.png
8. http://imgh.us/07.1_IM_mageia.png
9. http://imgh.us/01.0_IM_mageia.png
10. http://imgh.us/9_01_IM_mageia.png
11. http://imgh.us/01.0_IM_mageia.png
12. http://imgh.us/59_02_IM_mageia.png
13. http://imgh.us/349_04_IM_mageia.png
14. http://imgh.us/04.1_IM_mageia.png
15. http://imgh.us/13_07_IM_mageia.png
16. http://imgh.us/07.1_IM_mageia.png
17. http://imgh.us/196_02_IM_mageia.png
18. http://imgh.us/196_02_IM_mageia.png
19: http://imgh.us/186_01.2_IM_mageia.png
20. http://imgh.us/237_01.3_IM_mageia.png
21. http://imgh.us/263_03_IM_mageia.png
22. http://imgh.us/59_07_IM_mageia.png
23. http://imgh.us/195_07_IM_mageia.png
24. http://imgh.us/199_07_IM_mageia.png
25. http://imgh.us/423_07_IM_mageia.png
26. http://imgh.us/429_07_IM_mageia.png

I don't think these are good to use, but wanted to show them as well :): 
http://imgh.us/01.4_IM_mageia.png and http://imgh.us/391_01.4_IM_mageia.png

 From Sebastian sebsebseb

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