[Mageia-artwork] Artwork team lead elections

Thorsten van Lil tvl83 at gmx.de
Wed Mar 21 09:47:30 CET 2012

Hey @all,

as you probably all noticed: I wasn't very active in the last months and 
I was not able to act as a team leader. I don't have enough time for the 
job anymore and there are also personal reasons. I hope you can accept 
this explanation.
That is why I will resign from the position of a team leader and council 
In my last act as your team leader, I call you to apply for team leader 
and deputy.

As far as I know, Max (as my current deputy) will apply for the team leader.
Are there others who want to become deputy or leader too?

The call will last until Wednesday, March the 28th.


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