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Marja van Waes marja11 at xs4all.nl
Mon Oct 3 23:25:52 CEST 2011

Op 03-10-11 16:45, Samuel Verschelde schreef:
> Le dimanche 2 octobre
> 2011 22:38:45, vous avez écrit :
> > Op 02-10-11 22:28,
> Samuel Verschelde schreef:
> > >
> > > A bug reported
> against cauldron and still valid becomes a bug reported
> > > against Mageia
> 2. If we don't change the Version field from cauldron to
> > > Mageia 2, we
> risk having some bugs fixed only in cauldron without an
> > > update being
> issued in Mageia 2.
> >
> > And copying it, so
> that there is the same report against cauldron as
> > against Mageia 2?
> Maybe. It could be a lot
> of work to maintain 2 versions of the same bug report.

If you keep it in one report and the Cauldron bug gets solved by an 
update, how is one going to see at first sight  that it wasn't resolved 
for the official release. What status should it get? It can't be 
"resolved fixed" if it still exists in another release.

> > Bugs on different
> releases should go into seperate Bug
> > reports, according
> to our manual. The Mageia 2 one is then set to depend
> > on the cauldron
> one, and the cauldron one is set to block the mageia 2
> > one (because a
> patch is, of course, going to be tested in Cauldron first)
> I'm not sure. A bug
> could have been fixed in cauldron by updating to a newer version
> (independently of the bug report), but still remain in Mageia 2.
> And I've seen many bugs fixed in Mageia 1 before or at the same
> time as in cauldron.
> It's not an easy
> subject, the solution must be thinked of, taking every case into
> account.
Those  bugs fixed in Mageia 1 before cauldron, were they set to "depends 
on $cauldron bug number"?

Ideally, if the cauldron bug gets fixed by an update, it stops blocking 
the Mageia 1 bug, so the maintainer can then concentrate on solving the 
Mageia 1 bug. And if the blocker was properly set, he'll know the bug is 
still in Mageia 1

Whatever solution is chosen, it should be made very clear in the Triage 
guide. At the moment this part states:


What if the same bug affects two different releases?

Identical bugs filed on different releases should not be closed as 
For instance, if a bug is reported on Cauldron and then subsequently on 
a stable release, do not close the second report as a duplicate of the 
The reason for this is that resolution of a bug in one distribution does 
not imply resolution of the same bug in another distribution, so under 
the current Bugzilla system, having separate reports for each 
distribution is the best way to handle such situations.
You have to also set blockers and depends properly: cauldron bug blocks 
other mageia versions bugs.



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