[Mageia-bugsquad] 1. Bug_triage page for new wiki 2. printer issues

Marja van Waes marja11 at xs4all.nl
Wed Oct 26 16:14:07 CEST 2011

Op 26-10-11 15:18, Manuel Hiebel schreef:
> For
> http://www.mandrivauser.de/mga-testwiki/index.php/Triage_guide#Special_cases_of_specific_information_required
> What about if we can copy that (an improve it) in the users doc (with
> the help of other team) so we have just link in the wiki (and it's all
> the time updated ) ?
Good idea, I think. But I'd like to expand it a bit first. When a user 
types "vug" instead of "bug", he can't do backspace to correct. (I know 
by experience, I'm very good at hitting the wrong keys, even after going 
to tty2 during install). I never found out how to replace "vug" by 
"bug". Does going to the left with an arrow key and then press the 
delete key work in this situation?

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