[Mageia-bugsquad] Change the version of cauldron bugs ?

Manuel Hiebel manuel at hiebel.eu
Mon Apr 30 15:58:47 CEST 2012

Thanks for your replay

Le 28/04/2012 12:16, Marja van Waes a écrit :
> On 26/04/12 22:14, Samuel Verschelde wrote:
>> Le jeudi 26 avril 2012 20:19:15, Manuel Hiebel a écrit :
>>> [...]
>> Any bug reported against cauldron should be either still valid in 
>> Mageia 2 and
>> therefore fixed by updates, or not valid anymore, so I quite agree. I 
>> see
>> exceptions, for example bugs in the installer or LiveCDs, unless we 
>> release
>> updated ISOs for Mageia 2 in a few months.
That's why I have added some exceptions in my bug list.

>> The main problem is that we lose
>> information about the bug's validity in cauldron.
> Another main problem is we don't know whether they're still valid or 
> not. We don't ask reporters every month whether the issue is still 
> there. We ping bugs after 3 months, if nothing happened to the report, 
> but if I don't have time to check whether there is a possibility the 
> bug got fixed, I usually don't ask whether it is still valid.

We could ask at the same time of the change.
I guess in the future this method will be hard to keep no ? (ping after 
3 months of inactivity)
That's why, I proposed to close only at the End of Life of the release 
all bugs of the unsupported version, and ask people to upgrade and 
reopen if still valid (fedora do that iirc).

> For me it would be confusing if all cauldron bugs were set to be 
> Mageia 2 stable bugs (too), because when I see that I expect that at 
> least one person reported the bug was valid for mageia 2 stable.
Indeed, if people don't close bugs after our request it can make false 
> Of course, for bugs that were filed recently, that will often be the 
> case, but many cauldron bugs were not filed that recently, some date 
> from before mageia 1 release, many from 2 alpha.
>> Last time we discussed it on
>> this mailing list, IIRC the conclusion was that we needed to be able 
>> to set
>> several releases for the same bug and that a bugzilla update would 
>> allow it.
>> Another option would be duplicate every bug for Mageia 2, and link it 
>> to the
>> cauldron bug (I guess it's quite safe to decide that the Mageia 2 bug 
>> must be
>> blocked by the cauldron bug). It would be my preferred way in fact.
I have searched on this ml or on -dev an found nothing. :/
What was the topic ?

For the duplicate bugs, why not but it seems hard to manage.
> I agree, if their validity is checked first.
> I'd like to see that the moment 2 stable is released, all cauldron 
> bugs are pinged and all reporters/commenters are asked to clone the 
> bug for Mageia 2 if it is valid for stable, and set it to depend on 
> the original bug. If it isn't valid for stable, it most probably can't 
> be valid for cauldron anymore, so it would be safe to close them as old.
> I think we'll end up closing a lot of cauldron bugs :)
>> But I think this must be discussed with other packagers too.
Yep, but better have something where the bugsquad is agree. :)
>> Also, it would be good to have a report about open bugs in cauldron, per
>> component or package or group of packages, in a synthetic view, so 
>> that we can
>> have an idea of the quality of the distribution that is to be 
>> released (and a
>> report about Mageia 1 too to see how much bugs we fixed, how much we 
>> didn't
>> fix, what components have the biggest amount of open bugs, still in a
>> synthetic view... I know, I ask for a lot, and maybe in a few years I 
>> will do
>> it myself :))
> Can you point me to an example of a report in a synthetic view?
Something like that ?


Graphiz was installed on the bugzilla, but not the function to make 
report against the time.
>> Best regards
>> Samuel Verschelde

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