[Mageia-bugsquad] Still need some help

Remco Rijnders remco at webconquest.com
Sun Dec 23 10:17:52 CET 2012

Hi Roelof,

Welcome to Mageia, and welcome aboard the bugsquad! I hope you'll enjoy 
working with both :-)

In addition to the pointers you were already given by Marja and others, 
I'd like to chip in with "bugs handling" the Remmy way.

Depending on my time available, energy, and other interests in life I 
usually use one of the following two modes:

1) Read everything that comes in on the bugzilla mail list and pick up 
that which I feel I can triage properly or help triage. I usually do this 
during holidays, or when sick at home for a few days... Unfortunately, the 
volume of bugzilla mails coming in is so great that once you slip a few 
days it is almost impossible to get catched up. My trick for getting 
catched up is "mark all as read" and start afresh. Hopefully others on the 
team will have had time to look into these reports, and if not, they will 
surface when executing mode 2.

For any bug reports that I have an active interest in myself, I add myself 
to the Cc list. That way I will get any updates on them, even when I am 
getting backlogged on reading the bugzilla mails themselves. The latter go 
to a seperate folder automatically, the bugs where I am Cc'ed on go to my 
regular inbox.

2) I like (love) saved searches in bugzilla. I find it very handy to ask 
bugzilla: "Please show me all the new bugs of the past 2 days", "Show me 
all open bugs having no action for the last xx days", "Show all bugs 
assigned to bugsquad", etc. They enable me to quickly take actions on bugs 
that need action and in which I have an interest. You can do one or two 
whenever you have a few free moments to spare.

What I think is important to keep in mind is that unfortunately there is 
more work to be done on triaging than any of us currently have time 
available. As such, any help is appreciated and you don't have to feel 
guilty about "not doing enough". All little bits help.

On the "triaged" keyword, I normally do not bother. Once a bug has been 
assigned to the proper maintainer, I feel that's usually where my 
involvement ends or should end. Only for cases where we can't assign the 
bug to a maintainer, but there is little more we can do at this point (for 
example, it's a bug in the upstream code of the program itself, and not a 
bug in the Mageia packaging of that program) do I think that adding that 
keyword is of some added value.

Thanks for joining, and hope to talk to you online some time :-)

Kind regards,


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