[Mageia-bugsquad] CREDITS for mga2

Manuel Hiebel manuel at hiebel.eu
Tue May 8 12:38:27 CEST 2012

Hello there is a file which contain all contributor of Mageia, and it 
needs to be updated.


So my proposal is here, if I have missed or misspelled someone, please 
replay quickly.

  Triage | Ahmad Samir <ahmad78>
-Triage | Manuel Hiebel <manuel>
+Triage | Dave Hodgins <davidwhodgins>
+Triage | Manuel Hiebel <leuhmanu>
+Triage | Marja van Waes <marja>
+Triage | Remco Rijnders <remmy>
+Triage | Sander Lepik <sander85>
+Triage | Samuel Verschelde <stormi>
+Triage | Thierry Vignaud <tv>

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