[Mageia-bugsquad] Bugsquad team elections

Manuel Hiebel manuel.mageia at hiebel.eu
Fri Mar 1 23:47:14 CET 2013


Like every years it's time for team elections, and as said in the
council [1], this has to be done before the March 16th.

Team representatives are here, as its name indicates, to represent the
team on the council, ie, say what is done, what will be done. So we can
a global view of the project, and make decision if necessary.
we will need a leader and a deputy.

Is anyone interested in these positions ?
We can wait until March 8th for candidates. Personally I renew my

Feel free to ask any questions (related or not to the subject) and
thanks for any of your actions on one of the 9230 bugs !


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