[Mageia-bugsquad] Mangler 1.2.5 and Mageia 3 Beta 3

Steve flexxall at live.com
Wed Mar 13 16:20:39 CET 2013

	I am having getting mangler to work on my system. I have tried the
version from the repo and it only has OSS support which I can not get to
work. I have tried downloading mangler from their site and compiling it
--with-asla. This will allow my sound and voice to be recognized however
the GUI application will not allow me to change rooms or disconnect, and
when I transmit and receive nobody can hear me and the GUI does not
respond to further action. (I can not hear or see any action in the
channel). I have read and tried many options i have found posted on this
issue but can not resolve it. Any assistance would be good.

Thank you

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