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Hi all

I would love to collaborate, but first I have to go through
spanish-translators team, my English is very poor :-P

2010/9/18 Olivier Méjean <omejean at yahoo.fr>

> Hello there :)
> As some you may know, i am the founder of the French community Mandriva
> Magazine called Magnum : http://wiki.mandriva.com/fr/MAGNUM (fell free to
> download past issues)
> I am no developer, no more do i package, i may do bug reports, so i can't
> help
> much on technical side. I am rather on advocate side, promote the distro i
> use
> (Mandriva for the moment, Mageia in the future)
> I want to create a community magazine for Mageia. Instead of creating for
> just
> french community, i want it for the whole community.
> What is needed for it is quite simple :
> - writers for articles. Articles can be written by technical or
> non-technical
> people. Articles are on presenting a development, a new technology, a
> software, tutorials, report of an event, presentation of community,
> interview,
> etc.
> - translators. I would like to publish each magazine in as many languages
> possible, english, french, german, spanish, portuguese, greek, finnish,
> italian, ... An article can be written in any language then translate into
> english then translate into all other languages.
> - proof-readers to ensure quality of the texts. From my experience there is
> a
> need of 2 or 3 proof reading of each article. maybe a first proof reading
> in
> the first language used is to be set before translation.
> - The work of layout. Scribus is the best for publishing, it is free and
> free.
> With layer i think it is possible to have one layout for all translated
> magazines. Layout is also about including images, styles (once defined they
> should not change to much, btw use free fonts)
> - Advocates that announce the publication thougout the web
> - (oh, once more, a packager to create the rpm so users of mageia just have
> to
> install an rpm !)
> - i was about to forget : chief editors to shout after writers who promise
> to
> write but did not have time to, to shout after translators who promise to
> translate but did not have time to, to shout after proof-readers who
> promise
> to proof-red but..., to shout after layouters who promise ... so you see
> the
> point ;-)
> So, it is a nice stuff, it required manpower. French community was too
> small
> for a release each month (ah, yes, i plan to release it each month), i hope
> with an international community it will be easier to fill the magazine.
> What do you think of it ? Am i completely silly or just silly ?
> Feel free to react, comment, agree, join me !
> --
> Olivier Méjean
> Président de l'Association des Utilisateurs Francophones de Mandriva Linux
> http://mandrivafr.org
> twitter : obagoom
> identi.ca : goom
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