[Mageia-dev] I'd like to contribute

François Jaouen francois.jaouen at laposte.net
Sun Sep 19 18:22:34 CEST 2010

  Hi everybody

My name is François Jaouen aka farfouille, 46 years old. I've been 
developing software (proprietary) for 25 years. I am experienced in C, 
C++, Java and more recently Python.

Since 2008, I am very interested in GNU/Linux, and I run Ubuntu and 
Fedora on several computers. I have not contributed much for now (little 
improvement on Rhythmbox management of MTP devices, bug reports) but I 
would like to get involved in Mageia because it is not affiliated to any 
company, it has a strong focus on desktop and end-user and, also it has 
a large french community  and my english is not that good ;)

2 subjects are of particular interest to me :

- multitouch displays : I am currently studying this kind of devices 
(particularly a Cando touch screen) that can bring computer to people 
that can't use mouse.

- a gvfs layer for mtp : MTP devices management is a mess for now on 
Gnome (don't know about KDE).

So let me know where I can help.

Thank you for reading.


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