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 Okay Colin - thank you!

   - English (US, UK) documentation, proofreading
   - packaging of ISOs
   - I can do some testing
   - builds/source control maintenance (Maven, SVN, etc)
   - some kernel development ( I am not as Cracker-Jack as some folks, but I
   can do some beginner/intermediate stuff)
   - VMWare images - those are always nice
   - repository set-up (using yum, apt-get, apt-cache, etc)

Thank you again.


Colin Guthrie said the following on 9/19/2010 9:07 AM:

'Twas brillig, and GlenM at 19/09/10 13:49 did gyre and gimble:

  Hello There;

I just discovered this project and I would like to get involved.

Who would I speak to about this?

 It's early days and infrastructure stuff is still being setup. Stick
around on the list and ask again in a couple weeks.

Also best to state which areas you are interesting in helping out with
as some bits will be available more quickly than others.

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