[Mageia-dev] Some elements worth keeping in mind while setting up Mageia

gettinther gettinther at unity-linux.org
Mon Sep 20 22:59:51 CEST 2010

Some elements that we at Unity-Linux had to go through which could be
of interest to Mageia:

Here are the most common models for management structure:

debian model:
Pro: democratic, vote for everything.
Cons: slow and cumbersome development
The key problem with this model, the boss doesn't have enough power to
make things happen.

Board of director model:
A board made of the lead devs elected.
3 persons elected to a board with limited terms, and everything is
decided on 2 out of 3 votes.
what about power struggle? Can a "strong willed" person take over?
The issue here is that the fewer the people at the top, the more
quickly the decisions are made. However, the fewer the people at the
top, the more likely that one person can take over it all.

Government model:
One person elected to control the executive with a vote of confidence
on a 6 months basis  but with no control of resources
Having the control focused on one person speeds up things and if that
person does not control the resources, it can't take over
2/3 majority???
There should be a 'constitution' - very hard to modify
In every democracy, there's only 1 president for a reason,  otherwise
stalemate can happen

Autocratic model:
supreme-dictator-for-life, very fast actions / decisions as long as
the dictator remains active.
A dictator can be deposed only by coup-d'etat.  Lots of resentment.
What would happen if that person became suddenly absent?

In all cases you will need someone to push the project forward at
least until a momentum has been created.

Also another point to consider, the name ownership.  The name must be
safe by ensuring that the copyright for the name are "free to use"
so that nobody can prevent the distro from continuing.  Is there an
easy option for this? Prior art?
Please note that you cannot copyright single names that are in the dictionary.



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