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> Hi,
>    I would like to join too. I can test the distro or any specific
> package. Also, speaking of QT4 and config tools, I can dabble a little
> with Perl and Python.  I have been thinking of porting Mandriva
> control center backend to Python and make it modular such that it uses
> pyGTK or pyKDE for UI at runtime. In this case depending upon the
> desktop environment you will always get a native control center GUI.
> Cheers,
> Govind
> Hello,
> no need to port it to python but what is planned is to create interactive::qt with the qt4/kde4 perl bindings. This will require less work than recoding in python because there is not just the UI that is in perl but all the libDrak.

I understand. But I was pointing to python as it has good support for
QT4 bindings with pyQT or pyKDE in addition to pyGTK. I thought
Perl-QT was not being maintained well. If there is a current Perl::QT
then it is good news. I will read about this.


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