[Mageia-dev] Art, Logo and Branding

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 23 15:14:10 CEST 2010

2010/9/23 Graham Lauder <yorick_ at openoffice.org>:
> The artguide and logo guidelines are seriously incomplete and need a lot of
> work.  Free software projects have a history of rushing into branding that
> they will be stuck with for a very long time, from logo to colour scheme to
> pallett.  If it's not thought through and given the consideration it needs, it
> can turn into a millstone around the projects neck or a chaotic round of ever
> changing looks that confuses the market.
> The project needs to get it's branding process it's organised.  Until then
> everything should be fluid, even the name should be seen as a "Working Title".

Agreed in all points with 2 remarks:

A good example for a logo which tells the story and is simple to stick
in people's minds is the Logo of Deutsche Bank. The slash inside the
square. The slash stands for '%' which points at earnings from
interest rates and the bank's business, lending money for interest.
The square surrounding the slash stands for security, protection of
the earnings, and the house itself.

Others from Linux: ArchLinux and Gentoo.

You write that we will need a logo and branding not before our first
release is ready to roll. What about press releases before that date?
ATM I am writing an article about the Mandriva/Mageia topic for a
German print magazine, the editor asked me to do that to provide some
background to the news. First thing he asked was about a logo to

 As we do not have any screenshots I could include only pure text
remains which is a no-go for a 3-4 pages article.


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