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On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 9:05 PM, Gustavo Ariel Giampaoli <
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> I like simple logos.
> Simple not necesarily should be poor or ugly.
> Logos like Apple, Logitech, RedHat, Pepsi, eyeos, Avast, Facebook,
> Joomla, Opera, even Ubuntu and the "evil" Windows are simple, but look
> great. You can put them wherever you want and they still look good.
> I know, some of these logos are almost implanted in our brains because
> of years of marketing. Maybe that's because we see them great.
> But they are simple, maybe some are a little abstract. But they
> have... how can I call it... power?
> That's what we should try to achieve with Mageia's logo. Not an ugly
> penguin with a hat and a magic wand. You see my point?
> Cheers!
> tavillo1980
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