[Mageia-dev] i686 must be Pentium II ?

Adjamilton Medeiros de Almeida Júnior ajunior at brasifort.com.br
Sun Sep 26 01:57:40 CEST 2010

I fully Agree.
I'm Brazilian. I see many peoples here that uses old PC's and notebooks with
simple configuration. I think that Mageia can have an version lite, however
not now. In the moment we must keep the focus on a single desktop version
(586) .


Em 25 de setembro de 2010 21:45, André Machado <afmachado at dcemail.com>escreveu:

> > Common where? There are schools and universities are dismitting hardware
> > like with P4/2.4Ghz and 512MB RAM for whatever use (either server or
> > desktop). And even older hardware no-ROHS, which should be dismantled
> > carefully.
> You are seeing everything from a limited european POV, the P4 you say is
> being thrown away here is a top-end system in some other countries.
> Mageia is supposed to be for the whole world, not just EU/US/BRICs.
> I don't want to deprive the fun of building a router or a firewall from an
> old P133/64 with two ethernet cards, or some mediabox, but often you can't
> (and sometimes you pay of energy power in a year much more than getting some
> 30-50E linksys ARM linux based router. And when soemone try such kind of
> attempts in the real world with your distro, will be very disappointed of
> failures. That's why I in some way asked a survey of oldest hardware based
> on own experiences.
> I fully agree, At "first world" countries, Like Europe ones or USA, people
> can buy the most recet PCS, but at "Thrird world" countries - Like Brazil,
> what is part of BRIC, or many Africa nations - this is very unacessible by
> population, even with government programs, like Brazil's "Computador para
> Todos" (computer for everyone) that sells low-cost PCs with inferior
> hardware, often leftover stock lines earlier from the U.S. and Europe. In
> many department shops here, for example, Core2Duo is sold as if it were
> the last flavor of the moment.
> If, where you are, Pentium I - 4 and 32-bit platform is a museum thing, in
> most World parts, is not. I know people that, nowadays, uses a Pentium 200
> with 64MB RAM as main computer.
> Despite Mageia main target be current computers, we must think in these
> people; 32-bit will not die anytime soon. Then: Do we need compile 32-bit
> edition as i586 - and support Pentium and above, i686 - and support Pentium
> Pro and above, or do a Mageia Lite edition?
> [PS: I did not break the thread this time, broke?]
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