[Mageia-dev] i686 must be Pentium II ?

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Sun Sep 26 02:53:35 CEST 2010

Le dimanche 26 septembre 2010 à 01:16 +0200, Renaud MICHEL a écrit :
> Hello
> On dimanche 26 septembre 2010 at 00:12, Tux99 wrote :
> > > I'm not speaking about exclusion but about including or optimizing for
> > > arch and hardware that NOBODY will use anymore, because can't.
> > 
> > The optimization you are talking about (which will increase 
> > performance by a few percentage points at most, not noticeable at all 
> > in practice) means that the distro will be unusable for others.
> Would it be possible to have the base system and non-graphical tools 
> compiled for i586, and the big desktops (KDE, gnome) and multimedia 
> applications compiled for i686 or better?
> Would it be possible, in the (yet to be setup) build system that each 
> package define the minimum architecture it want to support?
> In such a system, the maintainers could decide if it is worth to provide a 
> more optimized package or if the compatibility with older hardware should be 
> maintained.

The idea of i686 to i586 was already discussed to death in the past : 

Yet, no one gave real numbers in one year, nor on the previous cooker
threads. Until there is real way to measure improvement ( and by real, I
mean nothing related to a variation of http://greenfly.net/mes.html ), I
think all discussion will be a little bit useless.

Michael Scherer

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