[Mageia-dev] A comparison of forum software from a security POV

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Mon Sep 27 18:26:27 CEST 2010

Le lundi 27 septembre 2010 à 17:28 +0200, Maât a écrit :
> when it comes to forum engine choice there are many things important
> to
> consider (in particular if we are optimistic enough to consider it
> could
> grow with Mageia future success).

> [requirement list]

I have sent a email which summarized this, I think you should complete
the requirement list I proposed rather than repeating it, as this will
be much easier for everybody to follow.

BTW, please, can you send text only mail on the ml ?
As html mail double the size of mail ( 1 time for the text, another one
for the html part ), we need twice the bandwidth ( think of people using
3g access where the access is measured and slower ), twice the storage
on archives and in our mailbox. 

Michael Scherer

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