[Mageia-dev] A comparison of forum software from a security POV

Tux99 tux99-mga at uridium.org
Wed Sep 29 00:04:31 CEST 2010

On Tue, 28 Sep 2010, [UTF-8] andré wrote:

>> I had mostly decided to take myBB since it has a very good reputation
>> and is considered relatively secure (and this check I did confirms
>> that), but since I discovered FUDforum a few days ago and tested it on
>> the weekend I have now decided that FUDforum is the ideal choice for me
>> (and IMHO also for the Mageia forum).
> To me, the translations available, and their quality, are important 
> factors for forum software.
> The phpBB presentation on their site looks good, and they have a lot of 
> translations available - as plugins.
> But the FUDforum site - and the translations available - is really 
> impressive.
> Many languages are available out-of-the-box, and many more can be 
> added.
> Also, translations can be readily created - or corrected - which is a 
> big plus, as we won't be dependant on others to correct simple 
> translation errors, or add new translations.
> I don't know the features in detail, but from the presentation on the 
> respective sites, I would also choose FUDforum for Mageia.

I haven't looked much into how translations are handled in FUDforum, but 
I'm not surprised you found them very well done since I found the same 
thing is the case with the skins, it's is really straightforward to 
personalise the look of FUDforum.

Also I find the feedback from the developers to bug reports couldn't be 
better. I found that the ML import feature wasn't able to handle POP3 
over SSL (only POP3/STARTTLS), so I reported it and they provided a 
patch in less than 24 hours!

I'm sold on FUDforum and I would highly recommend to whoever will be 
deciding on the Mageia forum to do a test install of FUDforum and check 
it out too, the ML gateway feature and the well implemented threading is 
already reason enough to chose FUDforum (but the remaining features are 
easily on par with phpBB and myBB too).

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