[Mageia-dev] What do you think about create a Mageia Welcome Center?

Maât maat-ml at vilarem.net
Wed Sep 29 09:04:15 CEST 2010

Le 29/09/2010 03:03, Andre Machado a écrit :
> We know that many Windows users refuse to migrate to GNU / Linux because of the
> differences between these two environments. A critical point is the difference
> between the programs used to perform common tasks.
> Thinking about it, I had the idea of creating a Mageia Welcome Center. What is
> this? Basically, when Mageia is installed and user will do his first login - or
> when a new user is created and will do your first login, after loading the
> desktop environment, a window like the one I drew below will appear:
> http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/925/mageiawelcome.png
i like this idea !


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