[Mageia-dev] What do you think about create a Mageia Welcome Center?

Maât maat-ml at vilarem.net
Wed Sep 29 09:40:52 CEST 2010

Le 29/09/2010 09:35, P. Christeas a écrit :
> On Wednesday 29 September 2010, Maât wrote:
>>> http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/925/mageiawelcome.png
>> i like this idea !
> I like it too. But it reminds me of the Mandriva welcome page:
>    The welcome "center" could well be the Mageia welcome page, in the same 
> sense that the Mandriva welcome page had appeared. It could have your 
> suggested layout, and a "help" tab/pane/button that would go to the welcome 
> text + have links to help documentation.
Well if we want also the distribution to be interesting for little and
bigger companies we certainly have to think the home page of mageia site
with more things in mind :)

> Said that, I think a newbie would appreciate a page that would direct him/her 
> to some documentation like "What can I do with my new OS?", "How do I access 
> my files/programs?" "How can I configure/fix things?" etc.
agreed :)


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