[Mageia-dev] An idea for improve URPMI ;)

André Machado afmachado at dcemail.com
Thu Sep 30 21:32:44 CEST 2010

one of the great advantages that I see that has URPMI about APT-GET is that
while the updater downloads all the Debian packages first and then install them,
the updater will Mandriva downloading and installing the package groups while ,
which makes the process faster.

However, we know that the download speed of connections is never constant and is
full of ups and downs.

Thus, if a connection can download 100MB in one hour, this does not mean that
this will be downloaded at this period. The connection may even hang during the
download process. There goes my idea:

Can you reprogram URPMI to download packages from smaller to larger?

Let me explain: imagine there is 100MB of updates that need to be downloaded.
Say the user takes 1 hour to download everything. Suppose that the connection
hangs after 20 minutes of downloading. Suppose further that the packages to be
downloaded there is one of 32MB.

If download process starts to this bigger package, when connection hangs, user
will have only one - or part of one - package downloaded. But if downloading
starts from smaller packages - those with a few KB - when he become offline,
he'll have downloaded more packages and, perhaps, installed a lot of stuff.

Of course, should be an option to user chooses how he wants download updates.

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