[Mageia-dev] Talk of Browsers

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Fri Oct 1 12:04:26 CEST 2010

> Usually the more the extensions you have the
> heavier/more-ram/more-startup-time firefox gets (and the last time I
> used AdBlock Plus, about 10 months ago, it leaked memory...). Also
> it's not useful all over, I think I can do without it if I have
> noscript installed, (now what would you say if noscript is installed
> by default?).
> IMHO, I think no extra extensions should be installed by default, the
> user should make a choice of which ones he wants (and installing any
> extensions by default without the "user's consent" isn't ideal too, if
> it's going to impact the performance of Firefox).

I agree, I think the user should be in charge of the extensions. How 
many of us have heard people say that "Hey, I never installed the Yahoo! 
bar!" or "Hey, I never installed Safari!". Users are knowledgeable 
enough to make up their own mind on extensions. Browser use is generally 
a user specific preference.

If Mageia is going to focus more on being a good KDE distro, then it 
should go along with the defaults with KDE -- Kmail/Konqueror. But, if 
Mageia is to decide on a "flagship" choice of browser, I think that most 
computer users these days know of Firefox and this would be a good/safe 
choice to use as a Mageia endorsed/default browser, but without any 
extensions pre-installed.

The user can tailor his preferences later on depending on his/her 
browser choice.


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