[Mageia-dev] Identifying Target Markets

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 1 16:42:27 CEST 2010

2010/10/1 Graham Lauder <yorick_ at openoffice.org>:
> OK then let me put it another way, you have taught IT for 15 years.

Teaching IT was only the smallest part. I was involved in selling,
purchasing, advising - the whole area, not just that small marketing
section. And I talked to people all over the country, including
international events, not just one special geografic area like NZ.
Western Europe is a mix of many different areas, not just one.
So pls do not try to talk to me like you know it all.

> LOL, in fact you can, at the end of the day it is a consumer item.  It is a
> luxury good that only a small proportion of the worlds population can afford.
> In capitalist consumer model societies the market has little variation apart
> from local fashion. So for instance, like McDs,  Ipods and Iphones are sold
> the same way world wide and that is matched with other global brands.

Wrong, Here it depends on which item it is who makes the decisions in
a family. Over here Mom may decide in general whethere a purchase is
made or not but concerning computers and software the kids or Dad
decide what is bought. The wife just wants to use it.

> As I pointed out above your experience is in fact limited, that's not a bad
> thing, it means you can target those variations that the global brands ignore
> in a local market.

Same applies to you if you want to put it that way. Your sample is
really small concerning German imigrants. Why do you think they
emigrated from Germany? Because they were the typical Germans? Sounds
like "I saw a German wearing a hat, all Germans wear hats." thing. I
know some people from NZ but I would never judge all NZ by those few.

> However our need is to be a global brand and so we target
> demographics that we know exist every where.  So for instance: Parents
> everywhere, no matter what country or society, want the best for their Kids...
> simple really.

Simple but not related. It's related to clothing, food, whatever, not
to the technical stuff. While there is not much trouble with parents
when clothing or schooling is related, we do have an ongoing
discussion in Germany about the problem that parents do not care what
their children do with computers (ego shooters, facebook, etc.)
because the kids know more about computers.

Anyhow, I made my points.


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