[Mageia-dev] Identifying Target Markets

Frank Griffin ftg at roadrunner.com
Sat Oct 2 02:06:44 CEST 2010

Graham Lauder wrote:
> Oh for Jiminys' sake, is there something in the water that causes you to be so 
> literal.  I SAID HYPOTHETICAL!  What I was trying to do was demonstrate in a 
> lighthearted manner that NOONE, me included, can experience on their own, a 
> global market.  That's why some  of us pay huge amounts of money to the market 
> research companies for this sort of info.
> This is now wasting my time

OK, I'll bite the bullet and be the one to tell you.  Your style in
posting these comments has reeked of an assumed position of superiority,
so it should not be surprising to you that people have taken umbrage,
and will not pass up any opportunity to point out inconsistencies in
your posts. 

And you *are* inconsistent, as has been pointed out repeatedly.  You
tend to gloss over the inconsistencies with a message of "trust me, I
know what I'm talking about, I'm an expert, and I should be in charge"
while you disparage the opinions and life experiences of the other
posters.  You don't seem to grasp that a community distro is fueled by
people who contribute for reasons meaningful to them, not you.

In most companies not run by techies, marketing is given the ultimate
power.  Marketing determines what the customers want, Development
decides how to produce it, and Sales sells it.  As I've tried to point
out to you repeatedly, this is not a company.  This is a
community-fueled distro doing things for reasons that motivate *them*,
not you.  There is no CEO or Board of Directors to slam down a mandate
that marketing is in charge, and there are no shareholders to back that
up because we have to show a profit.

Unless all of the technical contributors on whom the success of this
distro rely for some reason decide to sign on to your vision of a distro
configured for and targeted for your chosen audience, it simply isn't
going to happen.  They do the work because they benefit by it (or their
vision of the distro benefits by it).

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