[Mageia-dev] Various proposals around backports and other media management

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Wed Oct 6 12:20:54 CEST 2010

Le mardi 05 octobre 2010 à 23:06 +0100, Buchan Milne a écrit :
> On Tuesday, 5 October 2010 19:46:45 Samuel Verschelde wrote:

> > Some user communities already did that for 3rd party
> > repositories for Mandriva, and having it in a centralized and visible
> > place would make backports more visible. How many users know that latest
> > versions for wine, wesnoth (one of the best opensource games), vlc, and
> > many other packages are already available in backports media for mandriva
> > ? Today there is a changelog mailing list, but this is not for everyone.
> > This would be more user-centric than packager-centric. I tried to improve
> > backports visibility on the Mandriva forum, but without any automation it
> > took an enormous amount of time to maintain :
> > http://forum.mandriva.com/viewforum.php?f=123 (see threads beginning with
> > "New Soft" or "Backport")
> RSS feed or use of twitter by build system may be useful ....

Youri already have RSS, afaik. 

Twitter/statusnet could be easy to add , according to
http://status.net/wiki/Libraries , this would quite trivial 

I even think that a plugin to post on a forum could be done. A little
bit less trivial, but I am ok to work on it, once everything we have is

> > - (the biggest part, but the one with most long term benefits I hope) add
> > metadata to media to make urpmi more media-aware. Today, rpmdrake detects
> > backports because the backports media have "backports" in their name.
> > That's a (useful) hack, but we could do better. One solution could be to
> > give metadata to each media : * release vs updates vs backports
> >  * testing vs stable
> >  * debug vs non-debug
> > Combination of these "tags" would give the following media :
> >     * main release (just like today's media)
> >     * main updates
> >     * main updates testing : for update candidates, this is our current
> > "main testing" media * main backports
> >     * main backports testing : for backports candidates (as someone who
> > frequently does backports, I sometimes feel the lack for it) 
> As long as it doesn't take the focus off the development release. In Mandriva, 
> I think there were some uploads to backports before the upload to cooker, 
> which can cause problems for users if not corrected.

We have solved the problem at PLF by forcing build to appear in cooker
first. It is just a youri plugin.

Michael Scherer

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